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Nov. 30th, 2004 @ 10:01 pm (no subject)
today i am giving up the following...

instant messenger
journaling to a known public
anger...unproductive anger that is

i will concentrate more on the following...

my cat...
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Nov. 29th, 2004 @ 08:44 am FUCK HOLLINS!

Lisa and I would like to thank you for the absolute gorgeousness of this edition of the ALBUM (which should finally be published this week!), and all the time you spent on it. It's hot as hell, and we're excited to hear the campus's reaction to the pretty new layout.

However, I feel that you do not have an adequate amount of time to devote to the ALBUM, which has been detrimental to your performance as an editor. While I understand that you are faced with not only a full load of classes but also a job and the hassles of commuting, you signed on to the ALBUM promising that these responsibilities would not hinder your ability to work with us as an editor. The 3 week delay on the ALBUM's publication this semester was not acceptable, nor the phone/email/AIM-tag that had to be played in order to get you to fix typos (which seemed to multiply each time the document was returned to you for editing). This kind of delay angers our contributors, puts unnecessary stress on our printers, and makes the ALBUM look extremely unprofessional.

Because I don't believe that the ALBUM can handle another semester like this one, I'm writing to request your resignation as an ALBUM editor. If you choose not to resign, according to our constitution I will be expected to call a meeting of the remaining staff and discuss the problem with them. For your sake and mine, I'd rather avoid that kind of uneccessary bureaucratic drama and solve this privately via email.

Thank you again, Lee, for all you did. We <3 you much.

This letter comes at a horrible time...espeically when the first two weeks of printing wasn't even my fucking fault! It just goes to show that Hollins is by far the worse thing that I have ever done with my life. Thanks for destroying the little bit of faith I had left. FUCK YOU ALL!
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Nov. 25th, 2004 @ 11:33 pm (no subject)
i want to have sex...i do...

i want to have meaningful, friendship, relationship, casual sex with beautiful people who aren't afraid of having sex just for the fun of it...

it's not like i'm not having sex...
i have a partner
but we both realize that we are young and want to experience things without each other

i'm tired of roanoke
i'm tired of meeting no one new...
that's why i think i want to move, because i've met everyone in this fucking town already...

i met amy...she's amazing, she's not from roanoke, the only reason i met her was because we are in the same class, and she's completely fuck over my old train of thought...which trust me, is a good thing...and now my body/mind/soul/cunt want something bigger than this small town where "gays feel comfortable with their sexuality being in public." bullshit.

i mean, yes i do feel comfortable with my bumper stickers and holding hands with the girl and what not and so forth....

with the exception of amy, i haven't met someone that is willing to challenge me in any way possible...in a really long time

so okay, i figure, that i'll look online for people who are different, and interesting, and have very different backgrounds than me, willing to share their stories, but, because it's online, a true friendship is really hard to come by

i used to like comfortable...i used to like knowing that when i come home everyday, there will be someone there waiting to kiss me and sleep with me, and just be with me...and yes i do enjoy that...but i want something to change...i miss change...
and that's odd coming from me because i used to hate change.

i want something different, i think that's why i'm looking to move again...because i move every 6 months...i'm just tired of doing the same thing with the same people...

i want to fuck.
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Nov. 23rd, 2004 @ 03:01 pm Home for Thanksgiving Break
home for thanksgiving break...brought home an old friend from texas, 22, graduated same year of high school, rival high schools though, she's 22, has no fucking money to spend this week, which means i have to personally pay for her food...to make matters worse, remember she's 22, she does not know how to cook, for instance, i had to butter her own god-damn bread yesterday morning...my g/f and i made toast...she couldn't butter toast...dad said it's because i like to take care of strays...remind myself never to allow myself to take care of someone who isn't going to reciprocate the emotions, miss the girl...she's in tn with her family, gay aunt and what not...

dad said "don't be pissy on my vacation"
i said "i'm not going to pretend i'm happy, to force myself a smile for your sake..."
couldn't get through to him that i've had a terrible week, month, etc...but i guess he really knows nothing of what's going on, so i can't blame him...just wish he could understand.

at least he lent me money to feed the needy friend.
WARNING: never come home with me unless you are ready to spend some time with yourself...i can't entertain you 24/hrs a day for nine days...

i have a shit-load of work to do.

180 days until graduation...staying in the 'noke...refuse to give up my kick ass job
my boss called me four times this morning...she can't find anything without me there
i secretly run the shop.
not really.

this is me bitching...
i bringing my laptop downstairs to work on my cw project.
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Nov. 23rd, 2004 @ 02:28 am WHAT I NEED TO DO THIS WEEK
things i want to get accomplished this week...in this order...

look at script for video class
plan a mode of attack for film

Type up a full report on project idea

Write up a plan of attack for senior thesis

Write second "no grade" paper that was due on Thursday
Call several people to set up interviews

Write several more pages of the infamous Kelly section of my life

Read lab report

Re-design ALBUM to what I would have done

make a shit load of good music cds for friends.

I'm going to try and accomplish all this...locking myself up in the loft
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Nov. 23rd, 2004 @ 02:03 am Silly LJ
I just can't stay away from LiveJournal.
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